Why Recipe Cards?

Recipe Card Marketing is a creative and innovative approach to retention marketing. Reach your customers with eye-catching and high quality recipe postcards. This is a unique, re-occurring way to reach your customers. They will anticipate receiving each new recipe card. The recipe cards can be personalized with specified business or sales person’s information and photo.

Postcards are affordable, convenient and effective when it comes to retention marketing. Recipe Card Postcards give a unique and innovative spin on a tried and true method for retention marketing.

There are three types of customers you may want to reach:
Prospects: Those who have expressed an interest in your business but have not yet purchased. They need some additional persuading.
Current Customers: You want to keep them happy, right? Keep your name in front of them and keep them coming back.
Previous Customers: Maybe they just need a little reminder you’re still there to help. Bring them back by monthly eye-catching and useful recipe cards.

Recipe postcards can be used for real estate marketing, dental marketing and insurance agent marketing.

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