Dental Patient Marketing with Recipe Cards

In today’s competitive business world, dental offices must work harder than ever to be creative and to stand out from the crowd. How do you make your advertisement stand out among the advertising consumers are bombarded with daily? Radio advertisements, while reaching a captive audience, can be expensive to produce and maintain sufficiently to be remembered by listeners. Newspaper print ads have a chance of hitting the target audience but let’s be honest, making your newspaper print ad stand out among the others is a true challenge.

Direct mail ads such as those offered at are a viable and inexpensive way to reach as many people as possible and recipe cards sent directly through the mail are a great alternative to the same old advertisements for dental patient marketing.

These high quality cards feature a full sized image of the finished recipe in full color on the front, making them attractive and eye catching. On the reverse side is the recipe itself and the customized business information which can include a photo, contact information, a short message and a website link directing them to your website or video link. From a single card order to our 12 month package, dental patient marketing has never been easier or more successful than with recipe card marketing.

These cards are sure to be a kitchen favorite and a daily reminder of your dental business and the high quality services you offer to patients. Passed among friends and family they will reach more future clients resulting in more business and referrals for your dental business. These delicious recipes are sure to be kept as a future reference where they will remind customers with each use of your dental practice and keep them looking forward to next months featured recipe, maximizing your advertising dollar.

Creative Marketing tips for Insurance Agents

The state of the economy has become fickle, unpredictable and shaky to say the least. There was once a time when a person could graduate from college with the absolute assurance that they would be hired eventually. Nowadays, there are holders of PhD’s applying for food stamps. It has come to the point that if a person wants to guarantee themselves a steady income, they have to work for themselves. That is an excellent reason to become an insurance sales person: no matter where you go, or what shape the economy is in, people will always need health insurance, life insurance, or auto insurance.

There aren’t a lot of insurance sales people out there, because it can be a hard field to succeed in; however, the ones that have been in it for a while are still in it because they are so successful. How can an insurance sales agent succeed?Recipe Card Marketing cards, sets of postcards with mouthwatering recipes and pictures of both the food and you and your business contact information, can help an insurance agent go from average to great with creative marketing insurance recipe cards and tips.

Creative Marketing Insurance tip:

  • Become a vendor at a community event. Have one of the recipes prepared ahead of time, or pick a space close to an electrical outlet so you may cook it and serve it hot and fresh. Pass out samples to people passing by, along with copies of the recipe post cards which also has your contact information.
  • Create a Facebook page, dedicated to both cooking and insurance matters, geared towards your small business relationship marketing efforts.
  • Create a blog catering to the needs of foodies and insurance matters. Have a section dedicated to spotlighting a recipe of the ‘week’, ‘month’, or better yet, ‘day’ – this will keep a steady traffic flow to your blog.
  • Feeling ambitious and a little drained from the insurance game: take some of the recipe cards, cook from them and deliver dinners to local small businesses. When they ask where did you get the recipe, take out one, and pass it around. Have your insurance information highlighted with a yellow or orange highlighter.
  • Create a YouTube cooking video using recipes from Recipe Creative Marketing. While preparing the recipes, give pointers about applying for insurance, or throw some insurance trivia out there.

These are a few suggestions on how to use these fabulous recipe marketing cards. For more information, see Contact Us. Feel free to leave your creative marketing insurance tips in the comments below!

Why Recipe Cards?

Recipe Card Marketing is a creative and innovative approach to retention marketing. Reach your customers with eye-catching and high quality recipe postcards. This is a unique, re-occurring way to reach your customers. They will anticipate receiving each new recipe card. The recipe cards can be personalized with specified business or sales person’s information and photo.

Postcards are affordable, convenient and effective when it comes to retention marketing. Recipe Card Postcards give a unique and innovative spin on a tried and true method for retention marketing.

There are three types of customers you may want to reach:
Prospects: Those who have expressed an interest in your business but have not yet purchased. They need some additional persuading.
Current Customers: You want to keep them happy, right? Keep your name in front of them and keep them coming back.
Previous Customers: Maybe they just need a little reminder you’re still there to help. Bring them back by monthly eye-catching and useful recipe cards.

Recipe postcards can be used for real estate marketing, dental marketing and insurance agent marketing.