Insurance Advertising Ideas

You are an insurance agent; you realize with every passing day the economy is getting worse. People are losing their jobs left and right. College graduates are having a hard time obtaining decent employment. People are starting to ditch their jobs and open their own businesses. Owning your own business seems to be the only way to ensure a steady flow of income. Being an insurance agent makes you an owner of your own business. If you want to be successful, you have to advertise. If you want to advertise, you should want to be creative.Recipe Card marketing post cards will help you with insurance advertising ideas.

Peanut Butter Truffles Recipe Postcard

Insurance Advertising Ideas:

  • Personalize your cards. Brainstorm over ideas on how to set your cards apart from everyone else’s. When supplying your photo, take the time to make it stand out: get a professional head shot done, dress up like a chef, or use an old, cute photo of you as a kid.
  • Take advantage of the social media. Appeal to the foodie in people by tweeting about the benefits of eating good food and having a fantastic insurance policy, with some reasonable rates. Find quotes about eating and needing insurance, and have them retweeted all over the place. Don’t forget to leave your link for easy access to you.
  • Become a sponsor at a community event. It can be expensive but well worth the money. Sponsors get first dibs on prime vendor spaces, and they get choice advertising spots. The higher the sponsor package, the more privileges you can take. See if you can take hold of the mic, and give yourself a plug, while someone passes out some of the recipe cards.
  • Get your children involved. Around Christmas time, when your kids are passing out Christmas cards to their classmates, drop a candy cane and arecipe card inside the envelope, and tell them that the recipe cards are for their parents or guardians.
  • Get your family and friends involved. Tell your family that if they help get you some paid leads, you will either give them a nominal fee, or fix them a fabulous meal for them and their family and friends. Or do both.

Recipe for Success

Reasons to Use Recipe Cards for Insurance Customer Retention

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” Leo Burnett

“If you want success, then don’t rely on other people to do what YOU can do!” Sasha Azevedo

As an insurance agent, you realize that excellent customer service is your bread and butter. It is one thing to find and service a customer; it is another thing to keep the customer. There are thousands of insurance agents in the field today, hungry for the next lead; even if it means taking one of yours. How do you keep a customer? What is the secret to insurance customer retention?

Excellent and unique marketing will not only snag new customers, but keep the ones that you have happy and ready for more of what you offer. Here at Recipe Card Marketing, we offer neat recipe cards that not only pique your customers’ interest and sets you apart from the rest, it gives them a reason to not forget you. Picture this:

Recipe Card

A recipe card with a picture of some delicious lasagna on the front (mouthwatering, indeed). On the other side is the actual recipe directions, alongside the contact information of the insurance agent. Where most agents send calendars and annual Christmas cards- leaving the customer to sometimes forget they even had an insurance agent, you can be the standout, sending pictures of uber-delicious postcard recipes. Moms will love it and look for a post card each month; dad and kids will love the food and will wonder where mom found her recipes.

Insurance customer retention doesn’t have to be a hard task. Implementing great marketing is the key to success. That key is using certain things that can be easy triggers for association: these recipe cards will be easily associated with food. Every time a customer thinks of lasagna, they will think of you, their insurance agent. When they think of their insurance needs, they will think of you. These postcards aren’t just great for insurance customer retention; they are great for gathering leads. Place them on community boards and place them wherever there is heavy customer traffic. These recipe postcards are surefire champions when it comes to getting and keeping customers.

Creative Marketing tips for Insurance Agents

The state of the economy has become fickle, unpredictable and shaky to say the least. There was once a time when a person could graduate from college with the absolute assurance that they would be hired eventually. Nowadays, there are holders of PhD’s applying for food stamps. It has come to the point that if a person wants to guarantee themselves a steady income, they have to work for themselves. That is an excellent reason to become an insurance sales person: no matter where you go, or what shape the economy is in, people will always need health insurance, life insurance, or auto insurance.

There aren’t a lot of insurance sales people out there, because it can be a hard field to succeed in; however, the ones that have been in it for a while are still in it because they are so successful. How can an insurance sales agent succeed?Recipe Card Marketing cards, sets of postcards with mouthwatering recipes and pictures of both the food and you and your business contact information, can help an insurance agent go from average to great with creative marketing insurance recipe cards and tips.

Creative Marketing Insurance tip:

  • Become a vendor at a community event. Have one of the recipes prepared ahead of time, or pick a space close to an electrical outlet so you may cook it and serve it hot and fresh. Pass out samples to people passing by, along with copies of the recipe post cards which also has your contact information.
  • Create a Facebook page, dedicated to both cooking and insurance matters, geared towards your small business relationship marketing efforts.
  • Create a blog catering to the needs of foodies and insurance matters. Have a section dedicated to spotlighting a recipe of the ‘week’, ‘month’, or better yet, ‘day’ – this will keep a steady traffic flow to your blog.
  • Feeling ambitious and a little drained from the insurance game: take some of the recipe cards, cook from them and deliver dinners to local small businesses. When they ask where did you get the recipe, take out one, and pass it around. Have your insurance information highlighted with a yellow or orange highlighter.
  • Create a YouTube cooking video using recipes from Recipe Creative Marketing. While preparing the recipes, give pointers about applying for insurance, or throw some insurance trivia out there.

These are a few suggestions on how to use these fabulous recipe marketing cards. For more information, see Contact Us. Feel free to leave your creative marketing insurance tips in the comments below!