Recipe for Success

Reasons to Use Recipe Cards for Insurance Customer Retention

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” Leo Burnett

“If you want success, then don’t rely on other people to do what YOU can do!” Sasha Azevedo

As an insurance agent, you realize that excellent customer service is your bread and butter. It is one thing to find and service a customer; it is another thing to keep the customer. There are thousands of insurance agents in the field today, hungry for the next lead; even if it means taking one of yours. How do you keep a customer? What is the secret to insurance customer retention?

Excellent and unique marketing will not only snag new customers, but keep the ones that you have happy and ready for more of what you offer. Here at Recipe Card Marketing, we offer neat recipe cards that not only pique your customers’ interest and sets you apart from the rest, it gives them a reason to not forget you. Picture this:

Recipe Card

A recipe card with a picture of some delicious lasagna on the front (mouthwatering, indeed). On the other side is the actual recipe directions, alongside the contact information of the insurance agent. Where most agents send calendars and annual Christmas cards- leaving the customer to sometimes forget they even had an insurance agent, you can be the standout, sending pictures of uber-delicious postcard recipes. Moms will love it and look for a post card each month; dad and kids will love the food and will wonder where mom found her recipes.

Insurance customer retention doesn’t have to be a hard task. Implementing great marketing is the key to success. That key is using certain things that can be easy triggers for association: these recipe cards will be easily associated with food. Every time a customer thinks of lasagna, they will think of you, their insurance agent. When they think of their insurance needs, they will think of you. These postcards aren’t just great for insurance customer retention; they are great for gathering leads. Place them on community boards and place them wherever there is heavy customer traffic. These recipe postcards are surefire champions when it comes to getting and keeping customers.

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