New Dental Marketing Tools: Recipe Card Postcards

It’s not easy to keep a dental practice afloat in difficult economic times. When people are worried about their jobs, things like dental care tend to slip their minds. But where can you find a proven, inexpensive, and innovative way of bringing patients’ minds around to your dental practice? Where can you find fresh, eye-catching dental marketing tools?

Look no further than Our Recipe Post Cards bring your dental practice in front of your patients regularly, keeping your practice fresh in their minds and reminding them that you care. Each Recipe Card features a mouth-watering picture on the front, and the cooking instructions right next to your information on the back. Dental marketing tools have never been this sure to please.

Recipe Card Postcards can include your contact information, photograph, and a short message from you to your patients. The cards can also include a QR Code directing the patient to your web site, a YouTube Video, or any other web site. Is your staff too busy to address and mail the cards? We can do that for you.

Our recipe cards are colorful and inviting, high quality, and sure to delight. Your patients will look forward to receiving the newest taste-tempting recipe, and every time a patient prepares one of the featured dishes, your practice information will be right there, linked in your patient’s mind with all the pleasant associations of a favorite food. And when your patients share their favorite new recipes with family and friends, they will also be passing along marketing information for your practice. Recipe Card Postcards will help you to reach prospective patients, to keep your practice fresh in the minds of existing patients, and to remind former patients that you dental practice is still there for them.

Use the dental marketing tool that patients will look at again and again: Recipe Card Postcards.

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