Insurance Advertising Ideas

You are an insurance agent; you realize with every passing day the economy is getting worse. People are losing their jobs left and right. College graduates are having a hard time obtaining decent employment. People are starting to ditch their jobs and open their own businesses. Owning your own business seems to be the only way to ensure a steady flow of income. Being an insurance agent makes you an owner of your own business. If you want to be successful, you have to advertise. If you want to advertise, you should want to be creative.Recipe Card marketing post cards will help you with insurance advertising ideas.

Peanut Butter Truffles Recipe Postcard

Insurance Advertising Ideas:

  • Personalize your cards. Brainstorm over ideas on how to set your cards apart from everyone else’s. When supplying your photo, take the time to make it stand out: get a professional head shot done, dress up like a chef, or use an old, cute photo of you as a kid.
  • Take advantage of the social media. Appeal to the foodie in people by tweeting about the benefits of eating good food and having a fantastic insurance policy, with some reasonable rates. Find quotes about eating and needing insurance, and have them retweeted all over the place. Don’t forget to leave your link for easy access to you.
  • Become a sponsor at a community event. It can be expensive but well worth the money. Sponsors get first dibs on prime vendor spaces, and they get choice advertising spots. The higher the sponsor package, the more privileges you can take. See if you can take hold of the mic, and give yourself a plug, while someone passes out some of the recipe cards.
  • Get your children involved. Around Christmas time, when your kids are passing out Christmas cards to their classmates, drop a candy cane and arecipe card inside the envelope, and tell them that the recipe cards are for their parents or guardians.
  • Get your family and friends involved. Tell your family that if they help get you some paid leads, you will either give them a nominal fee, or fix them a fabulous meal for them and their family and friends. Or do both.

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