“In my office we use the recipe cards as part of our customer retention. When calling clients to follow-up we often get a “Thanks for the cards you send every month.” Clients see us every month (with the cards) and when that insurance conversation comes up they refer US!!!!”
Barry Swartz
State Farm Agent

“I use the recipe cards to connect with my customers in a nonbusiness manner. Sending the cards out quarterly helps remind them that my team is always available to help them out. Insurance is a boring subject, so these recipes help to make it fun. They are just another way I can say thank you for your continued business and referrals!”
Matt Schomburg
State Farm Agent

“Post card feedback has been great…my clients love them and you are more than welcome to have anyone call me and ask any questions. I think it is a great retention piece for our business.”
Blake Herren
State Farm Agent

“Thank you for the “Chicken tortilla Soup” recipe. We love to cook- so this was a surprise! Thanks again!!!” A quote from a happy customer.
Tony, a State Farm Agent